17th of October

A beautiful month.   Unfortunately,  some of the spots I've picked aren't the best colors around town, and next month everything could be covered in snow, but here are this month's submissions.

Notice the leaves on the ground, even though our trees haven't even halfway turned.
Notice too the scaffolding on the side; more on that project later.

The park.  Only bummer is that the mowers beat me here.

First Avenue Sidewalk  -   Can you see the tunnel the trees make down the sidewalk?

The courthouse with changing colors

The end of tenth street looking out to, yes, those snow-covered peaks

Ah, here are some of those famed colors with snow-capped mountains behind

The colors at Dry Bridge park

I liked both of these pictures for different reasons, but I love the water reflection in this one.


KC said...

love, love, loving the fall colors!!! pretty pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are awesome!! Love reflection on the water one!!! hugs, Mary