It is That Time Again!

The weather is starting to get chilly around here.
Firewood has been gathered!

Much has been brought inside.
We actually have a new wood storage room!
Thank you, Steve!

(all the boxes are full of wood)

I created a cozy area in our unfinished basement.
There is something charming about watching a roaring fire and drinking my cup of coffee.  

I tend to burn myself all winter long.
I somehow always end up touching part of the stove and
this is the result!

In other news. . . 

Ashley and Rachel went on a hike up Big Mountain.
(It was a smokey day)

Ashley and her friend climbed a ski-lift tower! 
No, no bad says this momma!
Rachel stayed below to catch them!!!!

Kacey did a splendid job decorating for Ellie's Birthday Party!

And Ellie just loves to talk on the phone. 
She is very enthusiastic about this!
Here is a photo that Ashley posted on Instagram.
Ellie is talking to Grandpa and
asking him to come back soon!

And that is a tiny peek into what we have been up to!

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Anonymous said...


I hope those burns on your hand don't hurt. They don't appear serious enough to leave scars.

That firewood looks like it should last for a while. It looks like tree siding rather than house siding.

Think warm thoughts - like San Diego,
Mr S