the party {ellie turns 2, continued}

{warning:  picture overload!}

Rachel did an amazing job capturing some sweet photos for me during Ellie's birthday party...thanks, sis!

Ellie had been talking about her birthday for weeks...saying in a sweet, sing-song way  "ellie bir-day"
pretty cute...she had been opening birthday cards that had come in the mail,
and she even had a mini-celebration with her Grandpa Franks a few days before the actual party...

this mama thought that the party would therefore be a breeze and that her little girlie would dance and smile and sing with glee on the day that was so anticipated...
umm...not sure what I was thinking...
not one smile came to aforesaid little girl's face the ENTIRE day!  Grumpy grumps came to stay, and they didn't leave until the guests began to depart...

oh well, at least they were all family, and do know how sweet and charming my daughter can be...
here are some of the pictures...
I just felt they needed a bit of a disclaimer {grin}

presenting:  the birthday girl!!


{my little miss}

 this is where she stood practically the whole party//
waiting for cookies

{the happy little brother}

{the relatives}




and just like that
ellie turned 2


Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful, Kacey! Ellie is so adorable whether she smiles or not.:) Thanks for sharing!
Kelli H.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh....what a great day!!! Thanks for the taste of being there! The pictures are great, your babes are beautiful!!! love and hugs, Mary