just wanted to write a little in this journal of ours...
hudson's eight month post will be a little delayed this month,
I will get some pictures and words up when I can.
suffice it to say, these last couple months he has transitioned from my little baby
into a pudgy little boy {grin}
he is busy, busy, busy these days. Don't you worry, I will fill you in on all the details later

it has been a bit crazy these last couple of days
and yet, I am so reassured by the knowledge that God is truly in control...
so nice to know that what seems like mayhem and disfunction in my perspective, is an orchestrated masterpiece in His

discouraged, tearful, hurting, a bit road shy???
you bet I am...
especially since my dear husband was only home for the weekend and is now gone until next...
just trying to take it all in stride, and to keep my focus on the good and the beautiful in this situation.
here is some of my list, I need to write these down to help instill an attitude of gratefulness in my perspective right now//

nobody was significantly injured in the accident {whew, what an incredible blessing!}
husband was home {that is HUGE considering he has been traveling most weeks and is only home on the weekends now}
husband was driving {I think I would not have been able to handle the situation as level-mindedly as he did}
we were in a big SUV {the damage could have been so much worse, both for the car and for the occupants, if we were driving something smaller}
my mom and rachel were able to be on the scene and help with a very scared ellie while her daddy handled the vehicle situation and her mommy worked with hudson {Jay had to stay with the vehicles while I went with ellie and hudson in the ambulance to make sure hudson's arm was ok...having my mom in the ER with the two nervous children....invaluable!}

later Saturday evening, when we were all home, and numbly going through the bedtime routine
I overheard Jay talking to Ellie about the "big uh-oh", as she calls it
he said, "ellie, who all was there in the car?" 
she replied, "mommy, daddy, bobbi, and ellie"
and my hubby said, "darling, do you know that God was with us...He protected us...isn't that amazing?"
ellie replied with a big enthusiastic smile on her little face, "JESUS!!!"

how sweet and rewarding it was to hear her make that wonderful connection
and to hear the enthusiasm and affection in her voice as she said that One Name!

yes, yes, 
I have much to be thankful for...

so, while this was definitely not in my plans
I know that someway, somehow, it will all be ok
we will find a new vehicle if needs be
we will find a way to finance another SUV 
(after the other night, there is no way I am going to drive anything smaller!!)
and we will hopefully be a light for Jesus and an encouragement to all those that we meet in the process

and I leave you, my friends, with a fun picture of ellie
obviously from the much warmer days that are now history for another 8 months or so....ha

p.s.  I have now joined the ranks of all those that use and love INSTAGRAM!!!
you can find and follow me at "littleladyandbobbi"


Jay R. said...

So glad my little family is all safe. God is good.

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Mr. Saei