While Rachel, Ashley, and I drove back to Montana, Steve stayed in San Diego to take care of some major property issues.  

He still isn't in Montana.

He celebrated the 4th of July without us.

He celebrated his 49th birthday without us.

Not that we celebrated the 4th big time here in Montana.  
Somehow we all got the stomach flu at this house.  
Steve was probably very thankful to not be here and partake!
I am not sure.
Let's see . . .

stomach flu 


I think they are both sad.

Steve did spend some time on his birthday with Grandma Blackner!
They went to Islands for a meal and a free dessert!

I hear he didn't miss much in San Diego regarding fireworks!
Sorry about that, San Diego friends.

Ellie says happy birthday to you as well Grandpa!

Hurry on up here, love!
We miss you.
And, believe it or not the sun is shining!!!!!


KC said...

love you, papa!!! hurry back here so we can celebrate a belated birthday with you! :)

Anna Rickel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. franks!!!

Katie Rickel