July 17

Nothing profound about the date -
Just that one whole year ago to that date, I moved to Montana.

In order to commemorate this world-shaking relocation, I've decided to start a photo series.   Seven locations, every month on the 17th.  Today, I was lucky to catch beautiful evening light; in other months, I'm sure I will be battling gloom and snow.  So I picked locations around our beautiful neighborhood that highlight what I feel best represents Montana.


The sidewalk on First Avenue East

The City Green on First Avenue and Main

The Courthouse in the middle of Main Street (Highway 93)

The east end of our cross street (10th St.) looking out to the mountains

Dry Bridge Park (City of Kalispell) 
A different shot of Dry Bridge looking south of town

Looking east again between 6th and 7th Street


Anonymous said...

You take such beautiful pictures, Rachel! Thank you - I love seeing the world through your lens. Miss you. Mrs. L =)

Anonymous said...

Ditto the previous comment.

Mr. S

kristina said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. I sure miss the Flathead.