letters to my husband

{i love you everyday//today i decided to reinforce that with a card}

we are missing you so much while you are working out of town
we have been busy here too
playing and reading and talking and cleaning {that's my part}

I had to take a picture of this...ellie putting on her own, too-small already, boots 
and on the wrong feet too  {grin}  silly girl

hudson is happy as usual
bestowing smiles and warmth upon all those that casually look his way!

yesterday we ran errands all day long
then we came home and made cookies together...mmm...mmmm...mmmmm...
{chocolate chip}

today we are making a meal for a friend and taking it to them tonight
i think i'll just make a little extra for ellie, hudson and i

we had an amazing lightening storm the other night
I obviously need more practice at capturing lightening on camera....much more practice....ha

ellie girl talkes about you all day long
she is always wanting to call you on the phone
i am the same way

sunshine has been plentiful this week
we have taken a couple really lovely walks
wifey is trying to be more diligent about being active and working out
the children both love the stroller and the outdoors
i am a lucky mama

we have been playing over with grandma and grandpa and aunt "dashe" and aunt "zazle"
bramble is feeling all better...
not sure if you knew that he was sick, but he was, and now he is well
nice to know, isn't it?  {laughing}

hudson has been spending much time sitting in his bumbo
as you can tell, ellie likes to share her toys with him
here he is playing with a tomato from her soup pot {smile}

we had the loveliest sunset a couple of evenings ago
just beautiful
i took a picture so you could enjoy it too
i missed standing on the porch and soaking in the gorgeous evening with you

keep up the good work, my husband
I miss you like crazy
and I know this is just the beginning of several weeks of you away

it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder
i guess i will be very fond of you when you return {smile}

happy day to you!!!
 know that we are so proud of you, and that we are excited to be spending a day with you very soon...

love you always,

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