of projects, family, and {cute} toes

summer has been a crazy blur for this family
thus the lack of attention to this dear blog/journal

honestly, this is the longest-lasting, most consistent journal I have kept yet
with that said//

on to bigger and brighter things
such as this sweet munchkin who stole my heart away the very second she entered this world, and continues to do so daily

ahh...she is growing up way too fast
and her little brother is not too far behind her
it seems to be a race
and I'm left in the dust wondering how yesterday is almost two years past

we have had lots of time with family this week
enjoying time with the California Rickels {as we Montana Rickels like to call them}
and some of my husband's other extended family from Colorado

it was so fun to see faces that we hadn't seen since our wedding two and a half years ago
and meeting face to face relatives that we had only seen in pictures and received letters from

90 degree weather meets slip-n-slide; watermelon, cucumber, and fresh mint salad;
sun tea; sounds of children happily playing (and the big boys too {grin} ); and much laughter

good times  good times

and today, the project was

happy {sigh}
though not quite complete yet as the hardware required a special tool to remove
thanks to rachel and mama for coming over and helping make it happen

oh, and I added a delightful little happiness to my toes too
but that doesn't top the adorableness factor of these chubby baby toes
too cute i tell you

he is just so squishy
seriously, just ask anybody...
that is totally his nickname/that and "huddy-buddy"

again happy {sigh}
my heart is full
hope you all had a delightful weekend too/
I'm ready to get back to the orderly chaos that is my week 
how about you???

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Anonymous said...

Those chubby baby feet next to your zinging neon toenails - great contrast! Miss you and your family. Love, Mrs. L