It's Rachel's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you.

The youngest Franks girl turns 22 today.

She looks great with her short hair or her "used to be" long hair.

Rachel loves the outdoors.

She loves being a sister.

She loves being an aunt.

She loves to work hard.

and play hard.

I think we all plum wear her out!

Rachel, these last 22 years with you have been a delight!
Being your mom has been a great adventure and privilege!


KC said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, "ZAZLE" !!!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope it's a fabulous Montana day for you. I love the pictures and want to thank you all for keeping us San Diegan's up to date on your lives.
The Morgan's

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! Happy, happy birthday to you....and many more! Just like the Morgans, we love the pictures!
Hope your day is absolutely wonderful, just like you!

loads of love and hugs, the Cota Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Very Belated...I hope it was a fun day! Love, Mrs.L

kristina said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! I hope you had a great day.