eighteen months

the same lovely day that marked my twenty-third birthday was the occasion of some other significant milestones in our family...
the first being that little miss ellie turned a year and a half old!

difficult to believe how big my little girlie is getting!  I knew time would go quickly, I just never anticipated it flying by the way the last eighteen months have.

my dear daughter,
as each day passes, I find I love you more and more...
you are spirited {to say the least}
you are busy, busy, busy
you are a thinker, so smart...
you are loving
you are creative

you are fun
you love walks, swings, and anything having to do with "outside"
you are a climber
you are such a helper to mommy
you are a wonderful big sister to Hudson
you are an avid book reader {your little Bible is still one of your favorites}

you are a talker
you are musical {you love to sing "Jesus loves me", mommy's ABC song, and "Zacchaeus"}
you are so playful
you are an animal lover
you are a good eater...not picky at all
you like cute shoes [grin} 

you are my sunshine on a cloudy day 
you are beautiful
you are mine
I love you,

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