If you were to ask me, I would tell you that life with two children is unpredictable, and my family would agree...Ashley sums up my little ones in one word

{all pictures supplied by ashley's iphone since my hands are currently full of a certain little someone}

I tend to think of ellie as my easy child more often than not these days...
{and that's saying a lot}

found out what Hudson likes me to do to calm him down
aren't you just so curious???
well, here it is....air squats
Hudson being a fussy baby = good workouts for mommy 

ellie loves being outdoors
she would spend practically every moment of every day out there if I let her 

one can never have too much chick-fil-a
(three times this week, oh yeah!)

there are times I just have to repeat to myself over and over
I love being a mommy...I love being a mommy...I love being a mommy

sun is truly wonderful

naptimes are a blessing

so is family 

{on topic, missing my husband desperately...hi honey!}

and getting a perfect picture with the children's great great grandma...well, it just doesn't happen but hey we marked a memory!


one, two, three wheeee!!!
ellie's newest favorite activity...and she can do it all by herself

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Jay R. said...

Love seeing all the pictures! Miss you so much darlin'. Miss you too Ellie and Hudson. Can't wait to see you all in a few days! Have a good time...but not too much fun without daddy ;)

see ya'all soon!!!!