Making the best of a sunny day

The forecast said rain, but sunshine appeared.  Ashley made breakfast for Kacey and herself on her birthday . . . a egg dish that required bread cubes.   We had saved the bread crusts for an Ellie activity, only rain set in, delaying our plans until today.

We went to feed the ducks!

Notice the piece of bread flying out of Ellie's hand.  She loves the park and quacking like a duck. 

She loves her Grandma too. 

Even gave her a kiss on the bridge.

"See my bread, Aunt Rachel"

"I'm going to give it to those ducks!"

"Can I give it to this one?"

"All done, Grandma."

Ready to head home, wiggling happy toes in the warm air.  

I love my little niece; her personality is so engaging and fun.  

Adventures on a sunny day are the best.  I think winter has made me appreciate the delight of sunshine and warmth.  So wherever you live, don't take sunshine, love, family, or tomorrow for granted today.

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Anonymous said...

This post shows that Montana can have beautiful weather.

Thanks for sharing...
Staring at ducks