It's Birthday Time!

The ducks are out once again to bring birthday cheer!

Today we celebrate two very special ladies, Ashley and Kacey, as they turn 23!

When your dad and I found out we were pregnant with twins, 
I was thrilled and 
your dad was silent
Seriously you two made him quite nervous as a provider and father.  
He has excelled in both those categories though, 
wouldn't you say, girls?

I found out we were expecting you the week 
we were celebrating Lauren's first birthday.  
Having gone from being employed full time, 
to a mother of one, 
in a small apartment, well, 
I was ready for more to do.  
You two definitely fulfilled that desire.   

Being pregnant with you was easy.  I was only sick a bit in the beginning.   I had no idea though how unique it was to be carrying twins.  My doctor was a bit miffed with me that I wasn't more careful.  They did have to stop contractions a few times prior to your joining us.  

I remember sitting on the couch in the living room (we were living on McClintock Street at the time) and dad was sleeping (he was a dedicated UPS driver then), and when I got up I felt something tear.  I called my doctor to let him know that I thought my water was leaking (I hope that is not too much info. for some folks) and he told me to get right to the hospital.  I told the doctor that we were going to drop Lauren off at Steve's folks but he said a very loud and emphatic NO!  

Steve took us three to the hospital and helped me get checked in and then he left with Lauren.  It was close to 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning.  Things happened really fast and Steve almost missed the delivery.  Ashley you joined us at 3:08 in the morning and Kacey you came just 8 minutes later.  I didn't get to see either of you as you were both whisked off to NICU.  

Returning to my room without my babies was pretty sad.  They kept saying you two would be coming soon but you were not able too.  It ended up that I went home without you both as well.  Boo Hoo!  But, it was a week later and Kacey was able to join us and then Ashley came three days later.  We were one happy family of five. 

 That is really what I honestly remember too! 
 How happy I was.

Today is the same.  I am so happy to be your mom.  I have been blessed so abundantly.  

Happy Birthday, girls!
You are so loved!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Ashley and Kacey,
Happy Birthday to you!!
and many more....................

Love from, Mary, Carlos and Noah

Noah's here looking at all your pictures with me. love you adorable baby picture!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ashley and Kacey!! Another wonderful account Jodi, thank you. Sending SD hugs. Lisa