Random Photos

Since we have been back from San Diego, 
the girls have taken quite a few random photos like this one.

Ellie was hanging out with us while her mommy was seeing the doctor.  We asked her to smile for the camera and this is what we got.


Then there is this one.

A quiet Sunday afternoon and the two who were not drinking coffee 
were reading!

This next one was taken while I was gone.

What a cutie.  
Isn't she becoming such a big girl?  I'm sure she is going to be a great sister to Hudson!

for the finale.

Can you guess what is going on here?

Ellie went bowling with her folks, Ashley and Rachel.
Her favorite part....the hand blowers!

Ah, the joy of children.
  Big or small.  
They are a blessing from above.
Thank you God for children to love.

Children can bring such a freshness to the mundane.


KC said...

too cute and so true, Mama

Anonymous said...

Love her!!! Miss you all. L =)