All on a Saturday

Today was a good representation of the normal controlled chaos in our lives.  The morning seemed normal, and I rolled over for a few more restful minutes in bed (after all, it is Saturday) before heading downstairs for breakfast.   Bramble was eating breakfast too and he is just so cute when his molars go chomp, chomp, chomp.

Dad decided it was a day for projects, and in relatively few minutes, the kitchen looked like this.

He was working on the plumbing running through the wall back there that connects to the shower upstairs.   I had planned to take a shower after gym class, but was alarmed that maybe I should take one while the getting was still good.  Wait too long, and you never know what could happen around here.  In any case, my hair was still wet when I went to the gym . . . mais c'est la vie!*

In the middle of above project, the stars of this blog, Kacey, Hudson, and Ellie joined us, bringing some Taco Bell lunch with them.  Ellie was very curious about what "Gam-pa" was doing.

Apparently, she gets tired of paparazzi, just like the big stars.

It is now three and the project has been finished with hopefully better draining in the sink, but with considerable mess left behind.  However, "Gam-ma" is taking care of all that so I can share with you all.  What, you think I should go help her?  You're probably right.  Ellie is asleep after much coaxing, KC is relaxing, and Ashley is draped over a chair doing I'm not really sure what.

A bit of spring in our winter.  Well, I'm off.  Have a exhilarating weekend, you all!

*trans: but that's life

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I love the baby bump picture you look so beautiful <3 jamie peffer