No baby yet!

No, Kacey is still with child for all the wondering minds in San Diego and elsewhere.

Yes, we have had snow here in Montana.

Beautiful, puffy, white stuff on our street!

And, yes, we have also had some lovely sunshine!

But, no baby boy yet!

However, Ellie is passing the time making good use of the iPod!

Ellie has also been sporting some fine looking pigtails!

And we have been acting pretty silly too!

We will keep you posted regarding the baby!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about that baby boy!
Jay and Kacey were married on my birthday....just happened to be in town for Ellie's birth....March 5th is our Wedding Anniversary....makes it easy to remember the special occasions....Smile! (Just thought I'd put my two cents in)
The snow is beautiful, and so are ya'all!
Thanks for the updates!!!
hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. We have been wondering! Ellie is so precious. I can't wait to see (and meet) Hudson. Hope Kacey is feeling alright. Love to you all. L =)