Garage and Fall

It is about time for a garage update. . . I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this!

Let us start from the beginning.  Of the garage, that is.

Here Steve is setting up some forms.

Then, we pour us some concrete.

Then Rachel updated you some on the framed walls in this post.

Now, Steve has really made some progress.

This picture is taken from the back of our house.  Why would we have a garage door opening from the back.  Well, I don't quite get it.  But, boys do.  I guess it is nice to have a drive through garage, you know.  One just never knows when you will need a car in the back yard, huh?

Steve and Rachel have the apron almost ready for pouring in this next photo.

This is not a covered bridge, mind you.  It is the back of our garage from the alley way looking into our back yard.  Wow, I still can hardly believe it.  That we actually have a drive through garage.  Heart be still!!!!!!!

There has been more progress. . . even as we speak Rachel and Steve are putting up the trim work.  It is all coming together so nicely.

AND, the trees are changing.  The streets around here look just lovely.  Here is a peek.

Happy Fall to you.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love the glimpses into your lives in Montana!!! Great to see the garage going up.....and the trees, lovely! I'd love to see a picture of the front of your house. Thanks for all the posts!
love and hugs, Mary