A Montana Nature Walk

Last Sunday, one crispy fall day, the family went for a walk.   But not just around town . . . We went forty minutes away to West Glacier and found this path.

Ah, maybe this is why we're here in Montana . . . Oh, wait . . . Nope I just remembered.
It's because of this.

Aw, she's just so cute (when she wants to be)  Huh?  Who me?  I didn't say anything!
Anyway, moving on.   This path we took was beside an exquisite turquoise river.

Tres jolie, mais non?  You can type that in Google Translate or come up with your own caption if you can put words to the beauty of God's creation.

So, so amazing.  This path also had a bridge, which used to be the main entrance into Glacier National Park.  (Which everyone just calls the Park up here; handy info for your back pocket if you want to sound cool when you come up to visit us - which I'm sure you are all dying to do about now.)  Ahem, let's get back to the bridge.

The story of this bridge is that in 1964, a major flood of the river swept over aforementioned bridge and destroyed it leaving behind one well-designed concrete arch; which you can see clearer below.

Now the bridge is a pedestrian walkway for people like Ellie to walk over.

Or stomp/stretch over.  She tries so hard to be just like us :)

And she just loves her mommy.  And daddy too, but daddy couldn't come with us because he has a big test tomorrow and was trying to get some studying time in.   So we took pictures to make him jealous.

She loves her Grandma too.   But she loves it even better when Mommy and Grandma team up and say "1, 2, 3, wheeee!"

Let's get a better look at that expression . . . 

Note the anticipation in her expression getting ready to once again, "1, 2, 3, Wheeeee!

Sheer joy as she kicks her little feet up into the air.

Ah, Ellie, you've stolen all our hearts.

Ultimately though, there was a meltdown by her royal highness, and we scurried back to the car to keep her screams from echoing across the river.  

The wonderful time ended at the local pizza place where we order a pizza appropriately named "Glacier" and feasted to our hearts content.

The End. Finis. La Fin.  В конце.   结束. (Google Translate, Baby!)


KC said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Rachel!!!! You had me laughing so hard, and just truly enjoying every word {and picture, of course} of the entire post. Thank you so much for recording these special memories for us.

{...still laughing...}

Rachel said...


Thank you, thank you very much *bow*

Anonymous said...

Dying to visit there about now? Ha ha! According to my iPhone it's 30 degrees in Kalispell. The only critters from SeaWorld that would be enjoying Montana right now would be Emperor Penguins. They can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius. BTW, the scales for both measurements intersect so that - 40 F = - 40 C.
You are a polyglot. Translate this: vous avez un esprit bel

Mr S

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your walk in the Park!! All the smiles, and the beauty of God's creation! Thanks again for sharing. Hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I miss you all! Mrs. L

Anonymous said...

I love these glimpses into your lives. I miss you all very much. What a beautiful place Montana is.
Mrs. Morgan/ aka Dawn

emily said...

Oh My Goodness!! That little doll, she's so adorable! Can't wait to see what a little boy looks like... :)
em :)