Front of House

Mary asked to see the front of our house.  Well, we aim to please at the Franks' house and since my resident photographer was in a good mood (which is most of the time), I have some pictures for you.

You must remember, though, that we bought a fixer upper.
A fixer upper that we haven't fixed up yet.
The garage has taken precedence.  

Without further ado,
below is a photo of the north side of our home.

The aluminum siding will go.
Not sad about that at all!
 We will be installing insulation in the walls when we add the new siding.
The staircase is still there (behind the chimney).  
It might disappear as well.
I mentioned that in a previous post.
It's ugly.  Yep.

Next is the south side. 
 Again, the siding will be replaced.  

The first bump out you see closest to the porch is the window seat in our dining room.  
The second is in the eating area of the kitchen.  
The grouping of 4 windows up top are part of Ashley's room.
 She and Rachel just spent some time getting them all sparkly. 
 The two windows toward the back are part of Rachel's room.  
Yep, they are sparkly clean as well.

Ok and now for a "straight on" front view.  
That would be west facing 
(according to Rachel as I am severely directionally challenged).

The windows that have the shutters around them look into our game room.
The trim will be replaced and I'm not sure if the shutters will stay.
That area used to be the other half of the porch.
The space under it needs ALOT of work as well as the area under the porch.
The trim color will be what you see partially painted on the porch.  
The light tan color.

Last is a close up for you of the front door area.

There you have it, Mary.  And as the sign says, you are welcome any time!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you have just put the biggest smile on my face!! Love the pictures, and now I can put a picture in my head of where you are......and, it will be fun watching it change as time goes on. Just lovely!
It just so happens that we are planning a trip to Yellowstone with extended family members, the end of June 2012. And, when they turn around to head home, we want to head on to Montana!!! Hope that works out for you all. Most likely it will be Carlos Sr, Noah and I. AND, we hope to see an ADORABLE Little GUY about three months old by then!!!
Big hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

You have made my day too....it was wonderful to see this.
Mrs. Morgan / aka Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi, thanks for sharing the link to your blog. Wow. You all make Montana look really good. Little Miss Ellie is an absolute doll. Love your house, especially the front porch and the big trees. The post above about the Park (she says, trying to sound so cool) is gorgeous.

I have an email from you dated September 1 that I am going to go back and answer now, finally.