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Why is is that I always write when I'm down and out?  I went looking for my last post, and realized it was when I was sick before Easter.   Yow, that was long ago.  This time I am forced to the computer as a result of a shoulder/neck injury from my time on this job . . .

Looking good, right?  This is going to be the three-car garage behind our house.  (to save us from shoveling snow off the cars in the winter :)

My lesson learned is that it is not advisable to use one's head to carry heavy pieces of lumber or to push up against resistance.  Lesson learned . . . now can the pain please go away?

"All in good time" as the saying goes.  Or you could remove and "o", add a "s", and get "all in God's time"  which would be just as applicable.

Mom wanted me to share these berry bushes with you all.

These are located right outside our kitchen windows, where you watch them as you do the dishes.  Which in our household happens on a frequent occurrence, though perhaps not as frequently as Mom might desire.

See their bright red juiciness? Our nickname for them is Manna, just like the Israelites who had no idea what they were eating.  What do they taste like?  You can ask Dad, who's lying in the backyard, foaming at the mouth.  Just kidding, he's not.  He had one yesterday, said they were tart, but is still alive today.

And here is my San Diego truck turned into a Montana work truck.

I don't really have a lot to say about this subject.  Just thought you might like to see it . . . 

Well, remember that comment about dishes?  Mom needs a drier, so I had better go.  Thank you for your time :)

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Rachel. I hope you are back at it really soon. Thank you for posting about the berries. If anyone knows what they are, will you please let us know. Oh, and, Rachel, I think we would broom the snow off our vehicles rather than shovel it off! I love you,