Ten months

Hard to believe this little missie 
is ten months old already!!!

Where, oh where, oh where 
has the time gone?

this is Ellie's favorite activity

She just discovered where I have been keeping all of her books
and now going through them all and looking at the pictures
is an activity that she repeats often throughout the day...
{read mommy keeps neatly re-stocking them for her enjoyment}

As a little girl, I loved books as well...
I still do, and it warms my heart to see my little one 
following in those footsteps!

As you have probably already noticed,
the above pictures are a bit
on the blurry side.

Ellie has become such a busy little girlie
this Mama can barely get a half-focused picture of her 
these days!  {grin}

as evidenced by the picture above,
Ellie's love for all things soft and fluffy 
has only grown...
it is so sweet how she loves her animals

She makes me laugh so often!!

She has been busily growing in two upper front teeth...
enjoying the fun of trying Mommy and Daddy's food...
and learning what "no" means {grin}

Grandpa and Grandma Franks brought over a swing for Ellie
that we set up together on Sunday

Oh the fun!!!  

Ellie is turning into such a little helper for
Mommy...well...we are working on it at least...
got to get her prepped for that Big Sister thing! {smile}


Ashley said...

Aunt Ashy likes this very much...so darling...

Jay R. said...

Growing up so fast...it's hard to believe ten months ago today I was holding a little one day old bundle and now that same little (or not so little) bundle is more like a little ball of fire. Crawling, talking, laughing, and yes getting into everything! It's such a joy to watch our little girl grow and change as the days go by.

We pray for wisdom as we seek to raise you, little Ellie, in the fear and admonition of the LORD.