found: in my backyard

I have tried to type this post at least three times this past week...trouble is, I have been feeling quite sick with a terrible cough for over a week now...add that to the early prego sickness and,well,
hopefully you will all understand my lack of energy and enthusiasm.

All that to say,
here it is!  (finally)

Jay and I first saw these beautiful creatures up close last week.  I immediately ran to get my camera, as these fellows don't usually come down this far from the mountains.

and lo and behold, a few days later,
they came a little closer!

this one was taken from my bedroom window (notice their soft, velvety antlers)

this one was taken from the mud room doorway

and, finally, I stepped out onto the porch

Rachel and Dad had pulled into the driveway, and the bucks just stayed there looking at us all, and then slowly loped away.  Ellie wasn't too impressed...guess she is just used to big animals already...the cows.  {grin}

We have been having a full and fun summer.  Lots of playing and smiling and playing some more...(at least that is Ellie's schedule {smile})


Ashley said...

these are incredible...wish i could have seen them firsthand! :) Welcome to Montana...huh...

Lauren said...

I love the pictures Kacey!!! and the furry antlers are so cute :)

By the way, I think that the cows deserve a post on the blog :)