The late birthday post

This post is late. 
BUT . . . not forgotten.
How could anyone forget my youngest?
She was born with black hair.
Finally a little one that looked like her mommy.

Rachel Faith Franks was born at 6:55 a.m. on July 19th, 1990.
Rachel arrived weighing 9lbs 6oz. as she needed to protect herself from 3 older siblings.
What, you ask, was their first response to Rachel?
The classic.
Poking her eyes! Hmmmm.
They don't do that anymore!

 Rachel as a young one had the cutest cheeks and the biggest blue eyes.

 Rachel smiled often and was a delightful addition to our family.

She is an ornery one as well!

 But oh so mature at times.

 Her mommy loved her very much.  She still does!

 Rachel was not afraid to try anything.  She accomplished riding her bike with no training wheels when she had just turned four.

 She meditated on God's word. 
This photo wasn't posed. 
I truly found her this way and thought, I had better document this.

 Rachel also has a sense of humor and creativity. 
Again, no suggestions were made for this photo. 
This is all Rachel!!!!!

Rachel is very contemplative!

AND, Rachel is very dear to my heart. 
She loves the Lord,
uses her talent to honor Him,
has great initiative,
is very motivated,
works hard. and
loves her mommy. 
For those things I thank Jesus. 

 Rachel, I am so glad you are here in Montana and that we celebrated your turning 21 together. 



Anonymous said...

A bit of birthday trivia - Last year Rachel had two birthdays. We corrected that by giving her an "unbirthday" to cancel out the first one.

May all her birthdays be happy.

And once a year.


NativeCaliGal said...

Beautiful post! I miss you all.