Nine months

This is what this darling little chair looked like nine months ago...sitting lonely in my Mama's house just waiting for a little someone.

This is what it looked like today:

It has definitely been harder and harder to get my little missie to sit still and just smile at me.  Guess I am just not that funny. {grin}  She really is a busy little girl now.

 Got to love those little toes...

Well, my little Florence, what are you up to these days?
You have avidly started crawling everywhere!!!  You have been crawling for about two weeks now, and Mama is just trying to keep up.  I have discovered that you love my pantry among other not-meant-for-Ellie things.  You are a master at pulling yourself up on pretty much anything, and have learned the desirable art of falling gracefully.  Mommy is so glad.

You will have your nine month check-up next week, and we are looking forward to seeing just how much you have grown!   You love to chatter on and on, and Mommy especially loves it when you say "Ma-Ma" which you do so often.  Thank you, sweetie.  You also say "Da-Da" quite a bit as well.  You like to go outside and say "hi" to the cows too...you say "Moo-Moo" to them.  {smile}

You so enjoy reading stories and singing songs with Mommy. Today Auntie Ashley and Grandma Franks sang songs with you too!

You have quite the personality, my dear.  Oh my, yes!  You clap your hands in glee whenever you deem the time to be right.

You fill our days with smiles.

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