Celebrating Daddy {2011} part 2

To my husband,
Twenty-three years ago on this very day, you entered the world: a small not-so-small infant. {smirk}  Before even that moment happened, there was One who knew who and what you would become...He knew the lessons you would need to learn throughout your childhood to prepare you for the one person that you would ultimately spend the rest of your life with. How wonderful is that?!  God planned US!!  Spent twenty years preparing you for me and me for you.  We were so made for each other!  You complete me, make me feel whole, and loved, and cared for...beautiful, special, and perfect.  I am so privileged to be your wife, and to spend every day with you.
You are mine, and I love you.
I especially love the way you love our baby girl.  In many ways, watching you with her has made me fall more in-love with you than ever before. What a great Daddy you are! From the day I met you, I could tell that you would be a wonderful Daddy someday.  Little did I know then that you would be my darling's daddy.  The ways of the Lord are perfect, and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine.
Happy Birthday to YOU, my love!!!

(Ellie girl loves her Daddy too...she loves making funny faces with him, and hearing him show her all of the sounds the animals make!  {smile} )

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cute very very cute!!!
(and mushy)...yuck! :) (ashley speaking)