What I found

This afternoon after getting home from church, I put Ellie down in her bed for her nap.  Since the little missie sleeps right in our living room, Hubby and I usually try to create a quiet and peaceful house for her to fall asleep in.  That being said, we headed out to the back porch for a little sunshine and ice cream!  {grin}

After a little while had passed, we came inside to find this...

So cute, right?!!

She was quite happy with herself and her little accomplishment! Funny how one little thing can make her seem so changed...so grown up.  Being a mother and watching a child grow keeps me ever in awe of the rapidity of passing time.  Each and every day is such a priceless gift.  A once in a lifetime chance to instill a love for the Lord and the things of the Lord in the lives of our little ones. We will never get a chance to live today again...to have a do-over of this moment...though we may so long for that opportunity.

I pray this truth is continually brought to the forefront of my mind when I am met with the joys and struggles of daily life.  Lord, give me the grace to live each moment as a shining example of Your love to my children, and may my home be filled with your peace and presence in such a tangible way as to encourage and bless all who might enter.

What a delightful treasure children are! It has been said that it is not until you become a parent yourself that you truly understand all that your parents have done for you...their love and their sacrifice. I couldn't agree more.  And by the way, Mom and Dad, you are AMAZING!!!  I will never be able to thank you enough.

On another note, I wanted to let you all know that Mama was unable to get her internet service started this weekend.  {sad}  So she is still unable to receive any and all e-mails sent her way. {doubly sad} I will happily pass any messages along should anyone have anything they wish to communicate with her.

Until next time....


Ashley said...

way too cute, sis! someday, i want to be a mother just like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you've recovered since that last post.

Mr. S

Chuck Allers said...

Ellie knows that Aunts Rachel and Ashley are on their way - reason to smile!!

KC said...

Yes, that is right!! Ellie (and her Mama) are very excited to spend time with Auntie Ashley and Auntie Rachel......DEFINITELY reason to smile!!!