June 17th

So here we are; a series started one year ago ends tonight with this final set of pictures.  Crazy to think of how much time has passed.

Places didn't really change much.  

Seasons did.

I did.

Creation's beauty didn't.

But the front of the house finally did!

It's hard to see but the wall 90 degrees to the front door on the porch is fully sided! I should include a picture of the side of the house where Dad is making excellent progress on making our house look good again!  

These two weren't really that dark, though I did take them this evening.  I'm blaming posting quality. It's been a long day and maybe I'll tell you about it sometime, but right now I'm wiped and headed to bed. Hope you enjoyed this year of pictures; a glimpse into the seasons of capricious Montana. 

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Jodi said...

I vote for a new series. What do you say? I really enjoyed your pictures and comments from this past year. Yep, a new series is definitely in order because I just can't accept that it is over! Waaaaaaaaa!

I love you,