Grandpa Stinchcomb

Since Father's Day is just a few days away,
I've been thinking about my dad and my grandpa.
First I wanted to talk about my mom's dad.

This is grandpa holding me when I was 5 months old.

The things I remember most about grandpa are:

He loved to laugh.
He loved to help.
He liked to chew tobacco.
He played a mean hand of pinochle.
He made delicious pancakes.
He drank a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every morning.
He was tall.
He loved to eat peanut butter and horseradish.
He was great at horseshoes.

He left an impression on me as a child.  I grew up on a property that had 8 acres and grandpa was always around to help us with whatever we were doing.  That could have been building barns, clearing brush, roasting hot dogs, chasing cows, or adding on an addition to our house.  He was available.

My grandma didn't like him chewing tobacco.  So, he hid it in our back barn.  Maybe that is why he was at our place as often as he was!

One day will always stand out to me in regards to grandpa.  It was my first day of kindergarten and I needed to get on a big, yellow bus all by myself.  When that bus came down the road and its door opened, guess who was the driver?  Yep, Grandpa Stinchcomb. 

This is my grandpa and grandma with me and my brothers!  Isn't this picture absolutely adorable?  From the glasses frames, to grandma's hair, to the clothes, to the upholstery on the chair.    

We all had our smiles on you will notice.  

That is because we were always happy spending time with grandpa and grandma.  



And that is how I remember my Grandpa Stinchcomb.

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Anonymous said...

Jodi....thank you so much for sharing these sweet memories. They have blessed me! And, you were such an adorable little girl - just like your daughters and your grandaughter Ellie :) Miss you and love you....Dawn