Father's Day 2013

Shall we talk about Steve now?

Shall we talk about what a GREAT dad he is?

He is, you know!

Steve with his 5 girls in 1991.

Those were the days, as they say!

Not only is Steve a GREAT dad but he also is a WONDERFUL grandson to Grandma Blackner!

And he is a SUPER grandpa to Ellie!

These two are trying to find the ballgame score for Grandma Blackner.

And Hudson thinks grandpa is pretty COOL too!

And I think Steve is ecstatic to have a boy around.  He has certainly paid his dues with all us girls, wouldn't you say?

And since you are so 
SUPER, and 
steak is on the menu tomorrow!

Happy Father's Day to a multi-faceted guy who is loved 
by many 
very much.

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