The 4th and Steve is 50!

Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th celebrating our great country!

Our day started out with the local Kalispell parade.

Ellie gathered a "boat load" of candy!!!!!!

Then we headed out to Kacey and Jay's to play.
And play we did!!!!

These are the lovely canola fields we passed on the way to Kacey's place.
It is quite breathtaking, wouldn't you say?

Ellie and Hudson were loving the 4th!

Lauren got to meet and say hi to the cows.

And finally. . .
We played cornhole.

Would you believe that Steve made our boards!
Yep.  It took the guy about an hour!  (not counting paint)
Um, totally awesome talent that guy has!
And. . .


Happy Birthday to my husband.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve!!! So happy to see that you are altogether for your special day!! Blessings galore!!
loads of love from the Cotas to you ALL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steve! Great to see all those happy faces. Hugs to everyone! Mrs. L