The Mansion

December is almost over.

Our days have consisted of much
snow, and 

Lauren came to visit us for Christmas.

We girls went and toured the Conrad Mansion here in Kalispell.  
This home is just 19 years older than our house.  
The Conrads were integral to the growth and development of this fine town we currently call home. (Temporarily for all you San Diego friends -- that is a promise!)

It was snowing during the entire tour which was themed for Christmas.  
It was idyllic to say the least.  

As we were leaving, the turkeys came to say good bye!

I don't think that I have ever experienced that type of farewell before!

In other news, 

Ellie helped me with Christmas decorating!
This is her version of a wreath.

Theo and I have been busy snuggling.

And for a parting shot,
 look at this fine Montana sky.

Pretty cool, huh?
Those animals you see.
They are elk.
Lovely and graceful elk right outside of Jay and Kacey's home!

And with that picture etched in your mind, I will say good bye.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another picturesque update.
Glad to see that your Australian was able to visit during Christmas. December 25 is in the middle of summertime down under.
Judging from the pictures, it looks really cold there. Nice closing shot of the elk at Jay and Kacey's place.
I noticed that there were no photos of the young ones in the snow. Wonder if it was too cold for them to be outside...

Happy New Year,