We are at the "Big Blue House"!

We got in the car (SUV) and headed south!

But, would you believe it was raining here in San Diego!

 The sun did come out!

What a great day for the San Diego Zoo.

Screaming was in order of course!

If the sun comes up, it must go down , right?

(This photo was taken right out the door of our condo.)

Twelve stories up.
Rachel and Ellie on the rooftop to see the sunset.

Until next time,
just let your hair fly and
don't worry about the tangles!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for updating your blog, Jodi
BTW, the weather should be perfect for the rest of the week!

Joyfulness said...

I think I remember roasting s'mores on that rooftop. Hope you are having a great time!
Joy & family