I went looking
looking through albums and albums of photographs on my computer
literally hundreds of pictures
looking for you

just you 
in the forefront and center
the focus on you

and as I looked through months and years of pictures
all of a sudden it hit me
and I looked again

there you were
in the background of handfuls and handfuls of photographs

smiling as you watched my little girlie posing for the camera with other relatives
making funny faces just to see that same munchkin laugh
your hands keeping her balanced as she tried some crazy stunt
a joy-filled expression on your face as you watched ellie meeting her baby brother for the first time

and I realized something...

you never were the center of attention
all those years growing up
and it was never all about you

it was about your Jesus
it was about your family
it was about your friends...
and I know they would all agree with me when I say that you always put others first
other's stories
other's hurt
other's needs

and as your daughters we knew that you cared for us more than the accolades of the world
or the bravo from other moms

you did what was best for us
regardless of what others thought or did

you were always in the background
cheering us on
motivating us to bigger and higher goals and life purpose

Mama of mine, thank you for letting us SHINE!
thank you for always being there...
still being there...
we are all grown up, but I know that I, for one, still need my mama

I may have two little ones of my own
but that just makes it all the more evident to me the value
of your wisdom and advice
your encouragement and moral support

and for all that, I say the most humble

thank you for being the best Mama a girl could ever have
I love you
Happy Birthday!!!


Jodi said...

Thank you, kacey. You are very kind! Last night they tried to get me front and center as they sang happy birthday at the restaurant...naughty girls! I refused and the waitress got all red!

We miss you! We plan to shop ALL DAY!!!!! IN A REAL MALL! YIPPEE!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this beautiful expression for your wonderful Mom. You put into words what I attempted to do but could not. Jodi - you are such a wonderful friend. I hope you had a fabulous birthday. You are missed and loved!

Kim Milhoan said...

That was beautiful!!! Belated happy birthday Jodi!!