The Mess and Christmas Decorating

Hello Friends!

A lot has happened since our last posting.

You all know that I turned 50.  Did you all know that last May I stopped coloring my hair?  Yep.  I did. It is still odd looking (or that could just be my look--grey hair or not.)

Speaking of grey.  Is it GRAY or GREY?????

But this post is about "THE MESS" and I am not referring to my hair.

Take a look.

This mess is all cleaned up now!

Here is the messy look from the sidewalk with a handsome guy hanging out at the top!

That scaffolding Steve is standing on is really wobbly.  Thankfully he doesn't ask me to bring his lunch up there!  I remind him that he is not a weeble!  You know, the kind that wobble but don't fall down!!!

Ok, on to the inside of this project house!

This is my lovely view when doing dishes!

Isn't it nice that our neighbor, Polly, painted her house red?  Makes for a great backdrop, don't you think?

I can see this window as well from my kitchen sink!

This is the dining room window seat!

The tree and pillow I got after Christmas last year on clearance.  I wrapped an apron I had around the base of the tree!  Rachel had given me all those cute little bulbs on the tree last year for a gift.

This is in our living room just to the left after you open the door!

This is straight ahead as you open our front door!

A little playful fun on the stair landing.  Just noticed how poorly the plug looks!  Hmmm!
I bought this little candle stand at a second hand store and it was PINK!  Steve painted it up for me all nice!  Thank you, Steve.

More bulbs that Rachel got me last year.  This doily is actually Kacey's.  The cup is a clearance item from Starbucks many years ago.

This is in the living room!

Now, we are in the middle of fixing things up.  Remember!

The mantel is done but the bookshelves are not!  That is why you see a blank wall next to the bricks.  And right above the mantel is going to be a nice window!

It is ready to be cut in.  But, I am stalling.  Ummm, the mess.  Not too sure if we will wait a bit...maybe after Christmas to get that done.

And the grand finale picture!

Our new window on the other side of the fireplace.

Isn't it just beautiful!

The mantel is bare but with construction and all...bare and clean is what we get and are thankful for.

We have a Christmas Party held here at the house to post about...hey, Ashley!!!!!

We also have family picture out takes to post about...hey, Rachel!!!!!

Lauren is coming to town next week and Ellie is practicing saying Aunt Lauren.

Oh, and we made a snow bunny...how about a post girls????!!!???

Tomorrow Ashley and Rachel are leading worship at church.  Yesterday, Ashley was down with a fever.  She is up today.  Not "fine as a frog hair" as they say.  We are praying for her.  Will you pray, too?


Anonymous said...

"Fine as frog's hair" means that one is in good health and all is well. It's a regional colloquial phrase.

You may notice that colloquial phrases stand out even more if you speak American English and travel to someplace like Australia, where the new girl you meet is a “Nice Sheila," which might leave you grinning like a shot fox, in other words very happy. Just remember not to yabber too often (talk a lot), and don’t skite (boast) when you meet new people.

Is it "gray" or "grey"? In America it's spelled "gray". "Grey" is how it's spelled in England.

Yes, I will pray that Ashley will become fine as a frog's hair today.


paige.maltby said...

So pretty and sweet!!!
Merry Christmas!