The Last 17th of 2012

Can you believe it?  The incredible year of 2012 is almost done.  When I was younger and had to pick a date that was out there, futuristic, crazy far ahead, I always chose 2012.  Makes me feel old to have already lived through this entire year (well, almost :)

Anyway, Christmas is in the air around here.   The front of our house hasn't changed much except for the Christmas tree on the porch.

The courthouse has a few decorations, as well as a half-mast flag to honor the children from the Connecticut tragedy.  For some of us, it serves as a reminder to pray for the families trying to heal from unbearable loss.

The rest of these pictures are scenery that God has decorated with fresh snow last night.  There is something magical about waking up to a white world.

Dry Bridge Park -  good sledding territory and the pond is just about frozen

The end of 9th Street

The view out toward unseen snowy mountains
I was hoping to catch a sunrise this morning, but the sun was hidden behind thick clouds mirroring the white of the ground.

First Avenue Park - a frosty playground

The First Avenue sidewalk filled with shoe prints and dog paw imprints
I hope all you readers are enjoying this season and taking the time to spread cheer and love to people that are not your typical circle.   Make the most of the fact that people tend to be more friendly around Christmas time.  That oddball conversation may turn into something that could change a life forever. And that would make a pretty awesome Christmas gift!  

Merry Christmas to you all.

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Anonymous said...

As always, great pictures Rachel!!!

A feast for the eyes!!!

Love, Mary