Over the last two days

From a sunny Thanksgiving to a snowy Christmas tree hunt, here is a pictorial walk-through of the epic adventures of the incredible Franks.

Late morning dishes before the awesomeness of Thanksgiving lunch - props to Mom for cooking up the best as always!

What? Don't you normally spend Thanksgiving on house projects like cutting off half a staircase?  No, you don't? That's odd. Or maybe we're odd . . . 
I'll have to look into that one.

Okay.  Food play.  I started cutting up an apple and pear to serve for lunch and a turkey kinda appeared!

Yummy pecan pie and look at that gorgeous sunshine.  No matter that it was a chilly 38 degrees outside, there was sunshine and it was beautiful.

My sister with the fall flowers.  Yes, I agree with you; we are odd.

My sister 24 hours later in slightly different circumstances.

We will find the perfect Christmas tree.  It's just around the next bend in the road.

Or maybe the next one? Come on, I've just got to see what's around that corner.

It wasn't until we walked a mile back to the truck and started driving back down the forest service road that we found it!  Only it was 10 feet down a steep embankment.   Dad roped down and then I took his saw down to him and we hauled that tree up and out.

Dad tagged it with the five-dollar permit he got from National Forest Service and we celebrated by getting toasty in the cab. 

And then we went to the Christmas parade down Main Street with some friends and saw the tree lighting at Depot Park. 

Mom spent the day de-fall-ing the house and transforming the house into a Christmas wonderland.  She is amazing that way.  

Then we had a second Thanksgiving with Kacey, Jay, Ellie and Hudson.  Mom's cooking was just as good the second time around.  She is amazing that way too!

Here is a bit of silliness from us girls on the way to cut the tree if you want to watch.


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