November 17th

As my mother said, "Today is a murky, muddy day."  I have this weird feeling that for the next 8 months that might be "as good as it's gonna get."    All I want is snow for Christmas; please, please, please.  You know, just a little blizzard or something. :)

The end of our cross street

Being a San Diego girl at heart still, I find it hard to be inspired by gloom.  I got up extra early this morning hoping to catch a beautiful sunrise over the mountains to fracture the monotony of these pictures, but the clouds were too thick and low to let the sun through.

Frost from the early morning - and notice the pond is just about frozen.  Skating soon!

But it was good to be up and at it this morning.  Saturdays tend to be a good day around here.  Getting work done, family time, gym time, but the best part is Saturday night church at Fresh Life.  One of the unexpected surprises about moving to Montana has been this church that is on fire to help those stranded in sin find life and liberty in Jesus Christ.  Their enthusiasm is infectious.

First Avenue Park 

First Avenue Sidewalk

Anyway, going to bed inspired and encouraged, often challenged, is awesome.  This weekend is the Operation Christmas Child drop off Sunday.  You friends of ours may remember that we have loved participating in this as a family since we were little girls.  So if you haven't packed a box yet, I'm sure Target is still open . . . 

Not much has changed on the front of our house.  I don't think we're going to get siding on before winter (too many work trips to San Diego), so we are all adjusting to turning a blind eye to the Tyvek, Tyvek, Tyvek.  Do you see the smoke coming out of the chimney?  We have been using the wood stove every day to keep the house habitable.  Now we rake the leaves and fill the wood room as almost daily chores.  Soon we will substitute snow shoveling, but probably not until after Thanksgiving.   

Speaking of, Thanksgiving is almost upon us!  My hope is that you find many reasons to be thankful this week.  I know when I start looking, the list gets overwhelming.  So, Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, Rachel.

Mr. Saei