The Huckleberry 100

Today was an awesome day.  
It started early.
But it was still awesome.

The Huckleberry 100 had arrived.

 200 riders. 100 miles.
Beautiful route.

Hosted by Fresh Life Church.
Benefitting Fresh Life Radio.

Yes, we volunteered.
No, we did not ride.

There was a pancake breakfast.
The Kalispell firefighters cooked up huckleberry pancakes.

Yes, I took pictures.
No, I did not eat any.

There was also cotton candy.

Yes, I took pictures.
Yes, I ate some.

So did Ashley.

Fresh Life Radio had freebies.
Cool freebies.

Yes, I took pictures.
Yes, I have a pin and a really cool pair of orange sunglasses.

The diehard volunteers even got painted.

Yes, I took pictures.
No, I did not get painted.

Almost, but I didn't.  

Yes, it was a successful and fun day for the riders and volunteers alike.  Tiring for all, but most importantly, a chance to reach the community with the gospel.  In that, I wish the Huckleberry 100 many more fruitful (ha, get it? huckleberry? ha, ha) years.  

Maybe next year, you'll make it up here for the ride of a lifetime. 


Jodi said...


Great post. Great day! Cotton Candy...REALLY!

Missing you,

Anonymous said...

The only hundred we had yesterday in San Diego was the temperature...

Mr. S

Thomas deHoop said...

Thanks for you and all of the volunteers who made this a great event for everyone. We riders appreciated everyone working downtown and all the remote corners

Rachel said...

RE: Jodi - yes, Cotton Candy; it was surprisingly good! :)

RE: Mr. S - very funny; sorry it has been so crazy hot down there.

RE: Thomas deHoop - Glad you enjoyed the ride! We sure enjoyed cheering you all on!