Okay, it's the 18th

I did take half of these pictures yesterday.  I just forgot the other half until after the sun set.   Then I figured taking pictures at that time wouldn't do you all any good.  So without further ado, I present

September in Kalispell

The happy courthouse in the middle of the road

First Avenue Park in Black and White

First Avenue Sidewalk still in verdant summer colors
Can't wait until fall

Looking toward the majestic mountains

Dry Bridge Park overlook - Can you see yourself relaxing here?

Fall Wheat in Sepia

Our house where not much has changed because Dad has been in San Diego, the leaves haven't turned, and thankfully there is no snowfall yet

And Mom, look!  The house is still standing! We haven't burned it down yet! (of course, this angle doesn't show the inside. . . )

Just teasing. :)


Jodi said...


Good to see the house still standing! Lovely photos. See you soon, most likely!


Anonymous said...

But Rachel, the inside is the most important part!

Mr. S