Early Birthday Celebrating

Dad is not going to be here for Ellie's birthday tomorrow.   :(

So before he got in a big airplane to fly down to San Diego, we had a small family celebration just for Grandpa and Ellie.

Grandma lit the candles on a birthday cupcake while Grandpa and Ellie watched from the chairs of honor at Ellie's table.

Then we serenaded the little miss with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

 And . . .  she blew the candles out in one fell swoop.  Yay, Ellie!

We decided that was so much fun we should do it again.

Grandma obliged and lit the candles again to Ellie's obvious delight.

She promptly conquered those candles as well.

"Num, num!"  (Ellie's version of yum, yum!)

Then Grandpa and Ellie dissected the snowy cupcake (which apparently looked better than it tasted, but oh well, Ellie wasn't particular :)

"More please, Grandpa?" 

Too cute for words, those two.


 . . . and hugs.  We're going to miss you Grandpa.  Don't be gone too long!

Can you believe this cute little missy is going to be two tomorrow?  She is such a little package of energy, love, and personality.  Hope her day is happy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! Blessings galore to YOU!
From the Cota Family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Love from Mrs. L

Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings to Miss Ellie from Mr. S.