It's Been 25 Years

Today, Steve and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage.  

It all began in May of 1986.
Steve and I met water skiing through a church singles' outing.
We didn't go out until August of that year.
Steve asked me to marry him in December -- on my birthday.
(We were in Palm Springs and we took the tram to the top of Mount San Jacinto where he proposed.)

Here we are in December of 1986.

Steve is such a handsome fellow, wouldn't you say?

Our life together really took off.

We got married in Las Vegas.  That was interesting.

We had 4 children in the next 3 years.   That was even more interesting.

Here we are celebrating our 2nd Christmas as a married couple.  Lauren had just turned one and I was 5 months pregnant with the twins.  We are still smiling...that is a good sign!

Here we are in Ohio after having 4 children and being married for 3 years.  You don't see any strain do you?

Those early times of marriage were not easy.  Getting to know each other, having children, struggling with finances, starting new businesses, and moving several times were all part of the first five years of our life as husband and wife.

We didn't do all things well, that is for sure, and we are still learning what it means to love unconditionally.  But, we are still husband and wife.  Still married 25 years later.  That is a long time but not nearly as long as Steve's grandparents who were married for 76 years.  They are such an example to me of commitment.

In 25 years, we have swung together

We have flown together,

We have cruised together

Not really.  This is a ride at Disneyland!

Steve and I are truly a match that God put together.  A girl from Ohio.  A boy from San Diego.  In my dreams, I never would have dreamed so lavishly.  God gave me a man that has provided for our family without waver.  A man who has put up with me (that is huge!).   A man who loves his daughters.  A man who loves Jesus.   A man that is still beside me.

Thank you, Steve, for sharing 25 years of your life with me.  I love you.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! God has shown His goodness to us through your marriage and your family.

I love the picture on the swing - contentment!


Dawn and Chuck

Anonymous said...

it is nice to see this it makes me think more positively about marriage...it is rare now adays which is sad....but you two along with my parents have shown me that it can be done...and i can't wait to be married...i love you much aunt jodi and know you are truly an inspiration...Congrats!!!
Love Jamie Peffer

KC said...

happy anniversary to you, my dear parents!

Anonymous said...

May you be blessed with many more...

Mr S.

Anonymous said...

Happy 25th Anniversary Steve and Jodi!!!

Your marriage is a blessing to all of us!

love from, Mary and Carlos

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! As the others have said, you are a wonderful blessing! Thank you for all that I've learned from you over the years. You are very special friends. Love from SD, Lisa.