We have recently had some friends and family visit us in Kalispell.  
It was a treat indeed.

Would you like to visit?
How about a peek into our guest room.

I have Rachel to thank for taking such nice pictures for me.

I found these curtains 
(Steve always teases me saying, "Oh, were they lost?"!)
at Pottery Barn in San Diego.
I brought them up to Montana with us not knowing if they would
match with the house as it has more green than blue in it.
And, they actually work well together.

I ordered this metal picture from a catalog.
It turned out to be the perfect size.  I don't usually have
the greatest experience working with catalogs.
Grandin Road has some very unique stuff and our 
guest room is wearing it!

The guest room is open for business.
You are welcome, friends, to come visit.
Thank you, Steve, for patiently hanging things for me!
Thank you, Rachel, for the great pictures.

Now, we should update you all on the garage.
It is looking good!


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and so inviting! I want to come now and unfortunately cannot - but I WILL be there before too long :)
Dawn/Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

I saw Steve and Rachel yesterday morning. I so wish we could come and visit...maybe next year? Hope all is well. Miss you tons.

Lisa L. =)

Anonymous said...

Very nice...would like to hop in the car right now! SMILE!

love you all! Mary