twelve months

Well it is here...the day I always knew would come

my little baby is turning 1...
oh my
I may or may not be shedding a few tears...

so amazing to watch a little life begin

and then to watch that same little one grow, and grow,
and grow some more...until...
she becomes a happy, sweet, loving, absolutely ornery,
little girlie 

did I mention ornery??  {grin}

I am in awe of the immense and sacred responsibility that
I am given daily in the nurturing and caring
of this little child of God...
not my own, but forever His...wow...
He has entrusted me not with money, possessions, prestige, or fame,
but a life!  What could truly be more valuable?

"So what is Ellie up to right now?" you might ask...
well, let me tell you...she is eating whatever we have for our meals and loving it
Oatmeal is her staple morning and night, but toast is her true favorite.
She is walking pretty confidently now, and sometimes quite recklessly {smile}

Our days are filled with many smiles, giggles, book reading, talking, making faces,
going on walks and drives, molding wills,
singing songs, playing the piano (she so enjoys music),
and overall just loving time together.

I can hardly believe that we have already spent an entire year
with her, and I am ever so thankful for
each new day with my little darling.

My sweet little Florence,
your mommy loves you more than you will ever know.
She is so happy with the little person you are becoming...and for all 
of the precious hugs and kisses you bestow on her, she says  "thank you"
Being your mama is the best thing EVER.
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, sweetheart!
all my love,


Ashley said...

darling pictures, sis! Happy, Happy Birthday to my one and only adorable little niece!!! :)

Jodi said...

Ellie, you are adorable. Happy Birthday to you. Great post, Kacey!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! I've been thinking about all of you and the exciting day this is. She is beautiful - I think she looks alot like her beautiful mother.
Mrs. Morgan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie!!!! One year!!! Remembering the day like yesterday. What a jewel!
love to you all, Mary

Anonymous said...

Happy belated (as usual) birthday little one! Thank you for all the great pictures Kacey! Love, Mrs. L.