Eleven months

somebody is very excited to tell you all that 
she is eleven months old today!!!

turning into such a big girl right before her mommy's very eyes!

I will always say her smiles are my sunshine because they truly are...
in fact she has a little book with illustrations to 
the song "you are my sunshine", and she just loves
when we sing to her as we look at the pictures.  {grin}

every morning I wake up to her little voice calling me...(sometimes at a reasonable hour
and other times at a not-so-reasonable hour)...and yes, sometimes I sigh a bit and moan as I crawl sick out of the comfort of my warm bed, but the very minute I walk out and catch a glimpse of my darling's welcoming smile, everything is suddenly brighter, and all I want to do is sweep her up into my arms and whisper "good morning, sweetie" against her sleep-ruffled hair.

so it turns out this mommy was wrong when she thought that her missie was just growing in two new teeth, turns out she was working on four new teeth...at the same time...yes, I guess that would account for all of the grumpiness and odd ellie behavior we have been experiencing lately...I mean, really, I bet I would be a grump too if I had that kind of pain in my mouth!  {grin} oh, and that raises her total teeth count to eight teeth so far!

I don't know if you can see in any of these pictures, but her top teeth are so cute...they are actually quite big, and change her from baby to big girl so quickly.

Ellie girl loves her Bible, and we have Bible story reading and prayer twice a day at least...we always sit in the green chair (the one that Ellie is standing by in the first few pictures in the post) to read together, and she just gets so excited to sit in my lap and hear a story, and thank Jesus for Daddy, and Mommy, and Ellie, and the new baby!  As you might have guessed, Ellie is pretty busy, so right now our Bible time is maybe five or six minutes at the most...but, hey, it is a start!!!  {smile}

life continues to keep up its crazy pace around here, but hubby is planning to take a week off of his electrical work starting next week to work on our house!! I am pretty excited.  hopefully he will be able to finish up the painting,and get a good start on framing the upstairs...anybody want to visit???  we'll put you straight to work {totally teasing, well, sort of anyway}

Happy Day to You, dear friends!!!


Jodi said...


Great pictures! You captured her so well! Loved it! Love you too!

Peggy Sue Miller said...

BEAUTIFUL blog, ladies! I so enjoyed perusing it this afternoon. You've done a fabulous job of displaying God's beauty and faithfulness here.
~Peggy Sue

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!! Almost the big birthday, wish I could be there!
hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

She is So Beautiful!!! Mommy must be so proud!
~Love Jamie Peffer