To Reminisce!

I am currently in San Diego.  The last few visits here have had me cleaning out years' worth of drawer contents.  Yesterday I found a journal of mine.  I thought I would share a tiny glimpse into the year 1995.  June 12th to be exact.

"Children are truly precious.  Yesterday, Rachel emerged from the playroom with several holes cut in her dress.  She got spanked and then she turns and yells at me, 'I'm not even sorry I did that,' runs to her room and shuts the door.

I quickly called her out of her room to address the behavior problem along with Steve.  Steve says to her, 'Would a spanking from me make you sorry?'  She shakes her head no.  Steve asks, 'What will make you sorry?'  Rachel's response blew me away.  

She says in teary eyes and totally serious, 'A hug.'

A hug was granted and she was truly sorry she had let us down!  

She wanted to be loved!  I do love her and value the time I have with her."

That just made a few tears leak out and put a lovely smile on my face.  I did so much love being the momma to 4 little girls -- with all my heart I did.  I still love being their momma.  It looks different now.  No more spankings, of course! 

I have been truly blessed from God above.  

The picture at the top of the post is me.  Not quite two.   It was taken at my Grandma and Grandpa Stinchcomb's house in East Canton, OH.  I loved them very much and I am so glad to have this picture to document that.  

Life is so very interesting.
Me at my grandma's and loving it.
Me having four girls and loving it.
Me being a grandma and loving it.


Anna said...

what a cool post to this mama on the journey! thanks for the snapshot into the past...

i could tell the b/w photo was you-- still have the same smile!!

Rachel said...

Aw shucks. I still just want to be loved, I guess. And I know you love me a lot and I know I love you a lot.

Thanks, Mom.

Karen Banks said...

Clearly, it has been a very long time since I checked this page, but it is so sweet to see the pictures of all of you! Jodi---I never thought about how very young you were while a momma of four already! You look like a baby yourself in these pics! I miss you all.