Twenty-Five years with twins!

My computer was broken.

Then I was in an area without internet for two weeks.

Then I got a staph infection.

Then I got a bad cold.

Then I fell down some steps.  (I wasn't pushed!)


Before all of those things,

Ashley and Kacey bravely turned 25!

They did it without much fanfare.

They did it with a lovely lunch at a local tea house.

And when the day was almost done
 they did it with some coffee.
Their favorite way.

You two.
A dream come true.

Beautiful girls.
My precious pearls.

Your mamma I shall always be.
Heart full of love.
That is me.


Anna said...

A dream come true.... I believe it!!

Anonymous said...

What can I say......All grown up, and simply beautiful...inside and out!! Mary