Happy Valentine's Day


We almost missed the chance to say this on the actual day!

This afternoon we went out to visit Kacey and add a little pink to the day!

This is what Ellie was doing when we arrived.  
A dollie even while napping.

Rachel got right to work upstairs.

Ellie's closet is going to have a very PINK back wall in it!

Thank you, Rachel for doing such a fantastic job!


Can you all tell how sick little Hudson is?  He didn't have the greatest day today.


Do you think his look has something to do with the color pink?

Some say that the greatest form of flattery is imitation.

Grandpa, you should feel very flattered.

The 'turn the bucket upside down for a ladder' trick has been duly noted!

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kristina said...

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all too!