February already!

Hello there, friends,

Steve and I made it back to Montana.


I must admit,

This time there was some kicking and screaming!

Ah, the sun felt so good and brought such a happy smile to my face.

Once back from San Diego,

We got busy.

The window that wasn't

Now is!

Rachel did some fine painting for me.

I picked out some new light/fan sconces and it is good to go.

Well, there is that big space between the windows.

I've got an idea!!!!

Ok, the smiles did come to us up here as well.

It was just without the sunshine.

Unless, of course, grandkids are considered sunshine.

Isn't Ellie just adorably cute.

(a picture taken from Ashley's instagram for all you non-grammer's!)

Steve is back in San Diego already!

Please  hurry back, honey!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! It's been a while since the last post. Not to make you envious or anything, but the weather has gotten even warmer since your recent visit. So the windows project you had mentioned during my visit last year is now completed. It looks great.

Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Hello Back!

Love seeing those happy smiling faces!!
And always fun seeing how your house in Montana is progressing.

And, Ellie is soooo cute!! Grandchildren certainly are the best gift!

love and hugs, Mary