Vacation in our Home Town

The view out the condo door
I was unfortunately reminded of a lesson I learned many years back, but seem to have forgotten since moving to Montana.  Sunburn hurts!  Ouchie!   And technically, it is a vacation for most of us, but not Dad.  He is busy working, working, working.   I think that is his hobby.   We did get him on Father's Day, when we also celebrated my great-grandma's birthday, and Hudson's dedication!

Dedicating Hudson
Jay and Kacey made the promise to raise him to know the Lord and be faithful parents.   Pastor Chuck was so awesome to pray for them!

The reason for our visit was our timeshare by the beach.  The condo has been in the family for many, many years and holds fond memories.   Some might recall that this is rooftop where Jay proposed to Kacey at sunset.  So romantic!!!!!

Mom and Dad's room at the beach
Ashley and Mom working in the condo living room - weird picture, but I thought it was somewhat cool!
Our time has been spent visiting friends, eating at favorite restaurants, and having quality and quantity of family time!  Oh, and did I mention the sunshine?  

A friend generously offered us passes to SeaWorld; so we took a day away from the beach and went to watch Shamu!

The gang that went
Ellie loved watching all the fish, whales, and dolphins and has now decided that every fish goes "swish, swish, SPLASH!"  Of course, she says that in the cutest voice imaginable with much enthusiasm.

Hi, Mr. Dolphin!
Hudson really enjoyed it too.

Okay, just kidding.  He didn't like trying to nap in the stroller, but he did pretty well.

Getting ready to watch Blue Horizons
Ellie decided while watching the Blue Horizons show that if the dolphin trainers could jump off diving trampolines twenty feet above the water, she should be able to as well.  She kept pointing and saying "Ellie, Ellie?" and looking at me like "Can I go up there?"  The answer was obviously no and she resigned herself to just watching the rest of the show.

Enjoying SeaWorld
The park is just amazing and I always have so much fun when I go there.  They are shooting off their fireworks just now as I am typing this, which will always remind me of San Diego summer.

But alas, we are leaving in just a couple of days.  Jay and Kacey have already departed for their home and we will follow soon.  Ellie has been practicing driving.   

Should she drive this way?

Or this way?

We are all sad to be leaving the sunshine and friends, but hope that the sun will be out in Montana and another visit down here won't be too far away.  

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Anonymous said...

We'll miss all of you too.

Mr. S

Rachel, if your kung fu-like focus breaks down may you have a secondary protective barrier to avoid touching any surface (the floor, the door handle, the toilet etc) within the gas station restroom.