{three months}

as is general knowledge by now, I've been abhorrently delinquent in my record keeping...
Hudson has been three months old for almost a whole week now, and I have yet to document this occasion.

to celebrate his three-month birthday, Hudson got his two-month vaccines...
that makes total sense doesn't it?  okay, okay, so I'm a little behind there too//
 had to wait for healthy children

in his short little life, Mr. MckChubbins has had two, two-week long battles with colds...
sick little babies are not fun...not fun at all...scary is the word that comes to mind

now that he is feeling so much better, I finally get a glimpse of his sweet, mostly easy-going personality

our photo shoot started like this...mmhmm...

and went to this...yes, she was really upset with me

to this...ellie sweetly telling her brother "shh...shh...shh..." while patting his tummy
{notice her woeful eyes because hudson is so sad}

oh, hudson

finally, we got some decent pictures

just look at all that chub!!!

Hudson, dear one,
you are getting so big already...how did that happen?  I blink and you weigh another two pounds heavier {grin}

your smile is so sweet and you just love "talking" to mommy (and other people too)

you are so much better about the sleeping thing...you have been giving mommy at least six solid hours of sleep every night now// thank you, son

when you smile, sweet boy, your whole face lights up!
it is the happiest thing, and I love it

you look so different than your sister, but so much like your daddy
it is so fun to see you in his arms
not only are you his mini-me, but you also still look little there
thank goodness for daddy's big strong arms!

I am loving getting to spend every day with you, Hudson
and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow and grow...

I pray for you every day, my little son
knowing God has great things in store for your dear life
so excited for all that is to come

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Jodi said...


Great post. Ah, Ellie, you make me so sad with your eyes in a few of these pictures. I know how much you adore your brother. You are always asking about him when you can't see him and you are the first to let us know when he starts fussing!

Your hands are definitely full, dear!